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JXLisa0701: What can I do ? If he agrees to lend me book, I will invite him to sing songs together. But if he doesn't agree,maybe I will be angry and not so happy. I really don't konw what's his thought.
  • 明星犬业: Why don't you ask him  ?Otherwise you'll never know his idea! (7-18 17:21)
  • JXLisa0701: A week ago, I met him. It looks that he isn't so happy to see me. Two years ago, I missed him. (7-19 09:30)
  • 明星犬业: How are you going to do? don't miss, I wish you good luck. (7-19 10:10)
  • JXLisa0701: I just can't forget him. He is my first love. Many friends told me that he isn't handsome, or rich. But two years ago, he treats me as a young girlfriend. He sent me a necklace. It's my precious gif ... (7-19 13:56)
  • 明星犬业: I'm sorry, I can't add you as a friend (7-19 10:18)
  • JXLisa0701: Why? Maybe we can be good friends. (7-19 13:56)
  • 明星犬业: My English is not good! Ha ha (7-19 14:33)
  • JXLisa0701: So funny! You can speak Chinese, I speak English. It's OK. (7-19 15:05)
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