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JXLisa0701: After that incident, I thought I wouldl not be happy anymore. I have lost the most precious one. I miss you so much, my little baby.
  • litieniu16: who is your little baby? (7-12 21:17)
  • JXLisa0701: He is gone. I'm so sad. (7-15 13:43)
  • litieniu16: sorry for that and cheer up. (7-15 21:22)
  • JXLisa0701: I just express myself. Thanks. (7-18 11:40)
  • litieniu16: u are welcome,and everything will be all right. (7-18 19:38)
  • litieniu16: i read your words on fb,it seems that you've fallen into a boy,but u don't know what he thinks.if he's the one you want,u sure, just tell him. (7-18 19:48)
  • JXLisa0701: No, I can't. Two years ago, I missed him. Now he doesn't love me any more. Maybe he has a girlfriend. But he didn't tell me. (7-19 09:27)
  • litieniu16: if that,let him go.if not,make a chance to meet him,and make sure if he will be back to you.There need communication,understanding and confidence. (7-19 13:15)
  • JXLisa0701: I wanna know who changes him. Two years ago, I missed him. Now, I want to know whether he still loves me. He always said I can't love him. Actually I was touched by him. (7-19 14:00)
  • JXLisa0701: Sometimes I think he is unconfident. Howerver, I am not confident,too. He is younger than me. (7-19 14:01)
  • litieniu16: follow your feeling,follow your heart,the most important is be yourself. (7-19 14:14)
  • litieniu16: it is no point in knowing who she is,if there she is,he may not care about you any more. (7-19 14:25)
  • JXLisa0701: OK. I wanna ask you a question. How to prove a boy still loves you? What can I do ? Tell me , please. (7-19 15:09)
  • litieniu16: it's hard to answer you.i just know when i am interested in one girl,i often think of her,want to know how she is and what i can do for her.by the way,is English your major in the university? (7-19 17:09)
  • JXLisa0701: Yes, business English. How about you ? (7-19 17:52)
  • litieniu16: wow!your English must be very well,i should learn from you.my major is food science and specialized in food microbe testing. (7-19 19:42)
  • JXLisa0701: Nice to meet you! I'm Lisa. What's your name ? (7-20 09:40)
  • litieniu16: Nice to meet you too,i'm Richard. (7-20 09:53)
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