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IdaKing: Recently most people told me "You shouldn't be Ida King,you should be Queen or maybe princess" All right,but it's given by my parents,I don't have a choice
  • w(i)sh1995: and then?are your parents just give you advices or they force you to be that? if it is the former i think you can talk with them gravely.if not ,you can listen to them.if you do not want to listen to (4-29 20:59)
  • IdaKing: No,it's just a kidding.And Ida King is my English name (4-30 18:09)
  • w(i)sh1995: them ,i think, you should do something like a idaking to prove it.if not you will be a real Queen or a real princess .something may be wrong welcom to spot them out and talk with me. (4-29 21:05)
  • 只有半根烟: i wanne to make a friend with you to communicate with Englishi? (4-30 16:32)
  • IdaKing: Sure,why not (4-30 21:36)
  • 只有半根烟: please add my QQ2194953188 and you ? (4-30 16:33)
  • IdaKing: I have added you (4-30 18:10)
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